Axiy Logo
Occupation Pixel Arist, Sound maker
First Game Panbus
Latest Game Seagum Jelly
Joined 29th Jan. 2012

Axiy is the first pixel artist for flash games of Blueflake, he is the co-founder, he made sprites for the first games.

His official first game he started on was Lamadilus, then his second game was Seagum Jelly. Seagum Jelly was an indirect spin-off. He normally works with TNY and Random-storykeeper to make games.


Axiy has multiple jobs.

Pixel ArtEdit

Games StartedEdit

Unused ProgramsEdit

Axiyflash Quacktest

At 2012 Axiy programmed a mini-game in Flash CS5 with enemies from Quack. The test includes Sheeps, Wormants and Spheranges. The character will have to click on the enemy to kill them. There will be a score. Axiy continued it at 2013.



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