ChristmasAvatar Ayernam
Occupation Programmer
First Game To be released
Latest Game To be released
Joined April 30 2013

Ayernam is one of the current programmers at Blueflake.

Programming historyEdit

Visual BasicEdit

Ayernam began programming in September 2012. At that time, the only programming language he knew was Visual Basic. Visual Basic is a computer programming language that can be used to run many Windows applications. In Visual Basic, variables, methods, event arguments, object orientation, etc. are often used in order for the program to run.

Ayernam began making games with Visual Basic around January 2013. They began with simple games, then eventually evolved into more complex ones, with actual objectives. Alongside games, he also made programs that had more academic uses, such as a program that simulated the process of natural selection.


In April 2013, Ayernam was browsing through wikis, and decided to check on the Blueflake wiki, even though it had been inactive for a while. He saw a blog post by JuanJLF titled NEWS!. On it, there were details about multiple Blueflake games. Ayernam thought it would be fun to program some of these, so he asked if he could start programming Cat Dropped. JuanJLF agreed, and that's how Ayernam joined Blueflake!


In September 2013, Ayernam began to learn how to code in Java. Java is a much more powerful language than Visual Basic, and many programs, including games, utilize it. Just like Visual Basic, it includes all of the basic programming classes, as well as many more. Again, Ayernam started to make simple applications and games with the language, which soon lead to more complex ones.


Cat DroppedEdit

  • Status - Work in progress
  • Language - Java


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