Breakable Block SpriteBreakable Block Q2
Left:A Breakable block in Quack. Right:A Breakable block in Quack 2.
Ability Varies
Game(s) Quack

Blocks are interactive objects in Quack. There are three variants of blocks.


Breakable Block Q2

In Quack 2.

Breakable Blocks are normal blocks that can serve as obstacles. As all of the sprites did, they recieved a makeover which made them look quite different than how they did in the prequel. They appear in levels in which there are Bullet powers present. They appear to mark a road, but they can be destroyed by bullets. This can cause several changes in the level; For example they can open paths to enemies if broken accidentally or sometimes they can just open closed paths to other Green Gummies. A Breakable Block can be broken by Crackle with two bullet hits.


Metal Block Q2

In Quack 2

Metal Blocks also serve as obstacles, but they cannot be destroyed. They also got a minor makeover in Quack 2, which appeared different than how they appeared in the prequel. They appear in levels in which there aren't bullet powers and the player has to go through several paths. They sometimes may act just as path markers but in several cases, they may slow the player down from escaping an enemy. They cannot be broken without even a mine's explotion.

Invisible Edit

Invisible Block Q2

In Quack 2.

Invisible Blocks are actually just white lines marked in a square that help Crackle to protect himself from enemies. They recieved a makeover in Quack 2 (Photo), which ended being totally different from the block in its prequel.They appear normally when there are hard parts for Crackle to complete. If an enemy is following Crackle fast, Crackle can go across an Invisible block to protect himself because the enemies cannot pass through them. There are no enemies in the game that can get through Invisible Blocks appart from the Shadows. Shadows can get through them but indirectly. When they disappear they can re-appear inside the place the Invisible block was protecting. They cannot be destroyed.

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