In Quack 2
Attack Following the player
Dangerous to touch
Abilities Can let Crackle escape
Health 10 Blows
Points 700
Game(s) Quack, Quack 2

Bloorries are enemies in Quack.


Bloorries have a similar body to the Wormants. They are blue and really fast, oddly, they can be killed, not like the Wormants, that cannot.

Game informationEdit

Bloorries are first introduced in level *.Bloorries will follow the player in a very fast speed, faster than the Wormants. They will not follow the player if they aren't too near of Crackle but if they are they will slow their speed and follow Crackle, they actually slow down their speed not to be so hard to avoid. This attack is similar to a Wormellow's attack. Whenever a blooorrie touches Crackle, Crackle will lose one heart. Bloorries can actually be killed with 10 bullet blows.


  • Bloories are actually a kind of worms.

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