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August 20, 2017.
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February 2012.

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This month's logo

Our current wordmark has been made by TNY. It includes a cat from Cat Dropped, Arman from Seagum Jelly, the last one includes one of TNY's characters from his upcoming game.

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Did you know ...?

  • ...that Panbus was originally a the first Blueflake game but Laberinth was released earlier?
  • ...that Laberinth was actually called Labyrinth but due to the English of IJZM it was called Laberinth?
  • ...that Quack wasn't planned to be worked on due TNY 2010?
  • ...that All of Axiy's games are sequels and spin-offs.

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March 1st 2012: This page created.

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Feautured Article

Ico Cat Dropped

Cat Dropped

Cat Dropped is Blueflake's first minigame. The goal is to catch as many kittens as possible with a net as they drop to the ground. The game ends when two cats have been missed. (Read more)

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Recent Activity

  • discussion page A new name for Blueflake
    comment by IJZM
    Comment: Chromime sounds pretty cool :D
  • discussion page A new name for Blueflake
    comment by TNY
    Comment: Maybe just renaming this wiki would be easier than having to start over a new one from zero, if that's possible. As for the redisign thing, do you...
  • discussion page A new name for Blueflake
    comment by Random-storykeeper
    Comment: CopME? Almost sounds like "Copy" lol. Anywho, the name Blueflake has always had a place in my heart - maybe because it's been that way for many...


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