Ability Harming the net upon falling into it
Damage One square from the health bar
Health Indestructible
Game Cat Dropped

Bombs are hazards in Cat Dropped.


Bombs appear as light-blue spheres with black and white shading. A black burning thread can be seen attached to their top-right corner via a metal piece.

Game informationEdit

The bombs can appear in anytime through the gameplay of Cat Dropped, acting the same way the kittens do: falling from above.

Bombs, as well as the kittens, can be caught by the net in contact. However, if a bomb falls into the net it will explode damaging the player's health. Kittens, unlike the net, won't get hurt in contact with it for this hazard only works with the net.

There is only one way not to get hurt by hitting a bomb which is simply letting it fall off the screen. Bombs won't hurt the player if they fall off, as opposed to the kittens, for the player can easily avoid them.

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