Ability Granting 90 points in contact with the net
Game(s) Cat Dropped

CAT FEED boxes are pick ups in Cat Dropped.


CAT FEED boxes appear as greyish blue rectangular boxes that have the words "CAT" written in black and "FEED" written in white, with light-blue in the middle. On the top-right corner can be seen a small cat's face, depicting it is for baby cats only. On the bottom of the box are also snow-like details, likely just being part of the packaging design of the product.

Game informationEdit

The CAT FEED boxes act as bonus points besides the ones provided by the kittens, and can be collected by using the net. Picking up a CAT FEED box will grant 90 points to the player's score. CAT FEED boxes do not appear so much often though, probably due to the fact that they're worth somewhat a relevant amount of points.

CAT FEED boxes, as well as the hearts, are optional for the player to catch; the player will not lose health if a CAT FEED box is left without collecting.


  • CAT FEED boxes are probably what the net can use to feed the kittens it saves.

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