Panda Plan Panbus China
The map in Panbus
Ruler Hu Jintao
Location East Asia
Inhabitants Crocodile Dave Bertie Teddie Speedy Marcco Betty Tippy Alfredo Brownie Spever Sporty Bob Biggy Ruscy and Ivan Slink Leavers Spike Leavers Ice Leavers Hawk Leaver Chinese Serpent Eyebubbles
Status Still there
Game Panbus Lamadilus

China is the place that Panbus and Lamadilus take place in. China has alot of inhabitats in it, Lamadilus takes place in the Great Wall at West China but Panbus takes place in East China going to Russia.


China rarely takes place in games.


In Panbus 7 levels take place in East and North China but the pandas escape because of the hunters so they have to go to Russia to be safe there.


In Lamadilus the Crocodile is walking from the 3 Leaf Clover Dam to the Great Wall to get its legs back from the Eyebubbles then it sees the real legs with the Chinese Serpent. After the Crocodile gets its legs back it goes back to its house in 3 Leaf Clover Dam and goes to a beach.

Great WallEdit

Lamadilus takes place in the Great Wall, the first 5 levels are under the Great Wall and in Panbus the Great Wall is in the background at level 3.