Chinese Serpent
Chinese Serpent V2
Attack Shooting Fire and grabbing the Crocodile
Abilities None
Health 1 Segment: 3 hits All Segments: 60 hits
Points 1000
Game(s) Lamadilus
The Chinese Serpent is the only boss in Lamadilus.


The Chinese Serpent is a Serpent with 20 big Segments, the Segments are Red and Yellow.

Game InformationEdit

Phase 1Edit

In Phase 1 the Chinese Serpent will appear in the level with 20 Segments, the Segments will take 3 times to destroy. The Chinese Serpent will also grab the Crocodile's mouth and stop it for 2 seconds. The Chinese Serpent will freely move in random directions while the Crocodile is on the last end of the Great Wall of China. If the Crocodile walks on it the Crocodile can destroy it easier. After destroying 10 Segments the player goes to Phase 2.

Phase 2Edit

In this phase, the Chinese Serpent is weak. The Chinese Serpent will get wild and more agressive. The Chinese Serpent will randomly move around the room in the level, the Crocodile would be safe in the Great Wall of China.

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