Farmelanet Planet
The Planet (The house at the left) as seen in the ending of Quack.
Ruler Used to be Big Red
Location Milky Way
Inhabitants Wormants, Spheranges, Sheeps, Bloorries, Shadows, Wormellows, Purblaes and Big Red
Status Abandoned, with no more inhabitants
Game Quack

The Farmelanet Planet is the location where Quack takes place. His ruler used to be Big Red, untill Crackle destroyed him. The planet used to be inhabited by farm monsters, animals and insects. Currently, it's abandoned with no surviving monsters. It is situated in the milky way.


Some time ago, chronologically 20 years before 2012, Crackle got somewhere up in the Milky Way. Crackle was in space, going nowhere untill he crashed Farmelanet Planet. He entered there and beat 45 levels, all organized in a long long tube and when Crackle got to the other side of the tube, after beating the whole levels, he was back in the Milky Way, but this time, there was a random road that Crackle followed, but didn't know where that road was going to take him.

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