All types of Grabbers
Ability Grabbing the Spider
Game(s) Spider Climb

Grabbers are Interactive objects in Spider Climb they are very common and grab the player.


Metal Grabbers are normal grabbers. When the player is near a Metal Grabber, the grabber will automatically grab the spider.


Slippery Grabbers are hazardous. When the player lands on a Slippery Grabber, the Spider will start falling slowly, if the player spends too much time, the spider will fall and the player will lose. Slippery Grabbers require a tap of spacebar to be grabbed.


Frozen Grabbers are Grabbers that will slow down the spider's jump. Whenever the spider is grabbed into a Frozen Grabbers and jumps to another Grabber, the jump will be quite low, unless the player clicks up and holds (obviously, while directioning the spider's jump). Frozen Grabbers will instantly grab the spider with none required spacebar taps.


Wooden Grabbers are hazardous grabbers. Whenever the player lands into one, The Wooden Grabber will start to brake slowly. If the player lasts too much in one, the player will lose 1 life and will start falling untill there is another grabber. If there's no grabber, the player will lose. To be sticked into a Wooden grabber, 1 spacebar.