Heart pickup1
Ability Providing the player an extra life point
Game(s) Cat Dropped

 Hearts are pick ups in the game Cat Dropped.


Hearts appear as white hearts with a black and green outline. Inside of the hearts can be seen green and purplish shading details. Hearts appear constantly growing and shrinking, presumably hinting that they are beating.

Game informationEdit

Hearts will fall from the top of the screen, just as the kittens. If the player moves the net in the place where the heart is falling, the heart will fade away and grant a life point to the player's health bar. This will only happen if the player has lost at least one piece of their life, for collecting hearts if the health bar is already full will cause nothing to happen.

Hearts just as well as the CAT FEED boxes, are completely optional for the player to collect. The player will not lose health if a heart falls off without being collected.

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