Mines cd
Ability Kills a kitten if it falls onto it
Damage One square from the health bar
Health Indestructible
Game Cat Dropped

Mines are hazards in Cat Dropped.


Mines appear as greyish blue spherical objects that have eight dark-blue spikes dispersed over their border, which appear slightly striking in and out.

Game informationEdit

Mines can hurt the kittens if they fall onto them, thus, if a cat is falling from the upper part of the screen going towards a mine the player should rush into catching it before it reaches the mine not to lose life. 

The mines appear placed in the levels in areas where the player has enough time to save a kitten falling in its direction, for the player should be able to catch it safely. Sometimes through the gameplay itself though, a kitten by chance will not fall in the direction of a mine making it easier for the player to pass the level. Oddly enough, mines won't harm the net in contact.