Gender N/A
Faction Good
Health 3 misses
Status Alive
Game(s) Cat Dropped

The net is the main character of Cat Dropped. The net is used by the player with the aim rescuing kittens from falling off.


The net appears as a red plastic handle with a white net attached to its bottom, which is meant to hold the cats. As a kitten falls into the net, it will vanish into white.

Game informationEdit

The player has to use its mouse and move it around in order to control the net. The net's main goal is to prevent the falling kittens from falling off the screen by catching them. If a kitten falls off the screen, the player will lose one heart which is shown by the net's health bar placed on the top-left corner of the game.

Additional pick-ups can also be caught by the net, such as the CAT FEED boxes, hearts and bombs. Although bombs can be caught by the net, the player must avoid them as they will take part of the health bar in contact.

Spikes will hurt the net in contact as well. Spikes will appear as a part of the level chamber, hurting the net in contact. 

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