Player Poppits
Gender Varies
Faction Good
Health 1 Blow
Level All
Status Dissappeared
Game(s) Poppit
Poppits are the main characters in Poppit. Player 1 controls a blue non-stop jumping poppit and player 2 controls a pink one. Poppits are small characters like beans and they are the inhabitants of Oranglow. There are many types and colors of poppits.

All Poppit VariationsEdit

Game InformationEdit

The two poppits the player is supposed to controll appear jumping all the time with no stopping. Apart from being the main characters, there are other poppits that appear in the game but are not controlled by the player. The first poppit appears in level 2 holding a sign that reads Crackray for president with a corrupted looking. Oddly enough, corrupted poppits won't hurt the players but instead, they will talk to them. Sometimes they will be begging for protection but most poppits are already corrupted. Poppits got corrupted by Crackray, whose main objective is to be the ruler of Oranglow.


  • Most Poppits are based in on the mascots of Wonka's "Nerds" product.

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