In Quack 2
Attack Dangerous to touch
Shooting bullets
Abilities Can shoot bullets
Health 15 Blows
Points 1100
Game(s) Quack, Quack 2

Purblaes are enemies in Quack.


Purblaes are large purple worms that have a shooter mouth added to their frontal part. They can shoot bullets whenever they notice Crackle's presence and one contact with it or its bullets can cause Crackle lose one heart.

Game informationEdit

Purblaes are first introduced in level 4. When a level with Purblaes start they will start walking normally. Whenever they notice Crackle's presence they'll start shooting bullets at him. This may cause Crackle lose one heart and if he touches a bullet he will also lose one heart. Purblaes are not too hard to kill, but they are required to be shot 15 times to make them die. When a Purblae dies, the player is given 1100 points to its score.


  • They may be a resemblance to Grey Worms because both of them are worms and have a trunk-like mouth, that they can use to shoot bullets.

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