Ruscy and Ivan
Ruscy and Ivan
Gender Male
Faction Depends
Health 3 blows
Level 19
Status Alive
Game(s) Panbus

Ruscy and Ivan are twin Pandas.


Ruscy and Ivan have a big body with stitches in the middle Ruscy has a hat of a barrel wich is resembles a russian hat,that has toxic waste in it and Ivan has a grey hat with 3 dots and the end of the party hat is green.

Radioactive BallEdit

Radioactive Ball

Radioactive Ball

The Radioactive ball is the only weapon that comes out of the barrel on Ruscy's head, it can destroy Bonzai Trees, Bamboo and Pandas.

Game InformationEdit

Ruscy and Ivan can shoot Radioactive balls at the player or opponent.


Ruscy and Ivan were racing with the player and Ruscy and Ivan tried to win the race by shooting radioactive balls but the player dodged it then Ruscy and Ivan lost the race.

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