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This game, Seagum Jelly, has been filed.
This means that the game will no longer be continued for a long time due to problems related to its development. It may be continued after some time, so that this template might be removed.

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WASD and Mouse


Spin-Off Prequel: Lamadilus

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Artwork: Axiy

Background: TNY

Music: Random-storykeeper


Axiy's second game

Seagum Jelly is a spin-off to Lamadilus. It is about Yellow Jellies trying to escape the Fluffy Sea.


Test Dummy Incomplete This Test Dummy Jelly is incomplete. You can help the Test Dummy Jelly by finish knitting it.

Seagum Jelly has 20 levels.

Level 1Edit

In the level there are Captain Morris, Right Hand Man and Blob Boy, and they get a tutorial with attacking 3 Test Dummies. This level marks the first appearence of Captain Morris, Right Hand Man and Blob Boy.

Level 2Edit

This level introduces Jimbo and Jumbo.

Level 3Edit

Level 4Edit

Level 5Edit

The Yellow Jellies meet sponges.

Level 6Edit

Level 7Edit

This level introduces Soldier Arman.

Level 8Edit

This level introduces Soldier Cheryl.

Level 9Edit

In this level it is stated that the Captain will not appear.

Level 10Edit

This level introduces Ninja Jikumo.

Level 11Edit

Level 12Edit

Level 13Edit

This level introduces Fisherman Fethry.

Level 14Edit

In this level Right Hand Man Jr. fights Right Hand Man Sr.

Level 15Edit

This level introduces Actor Tom.

Level 16Edit

This level introduces Police Tucker.

Level 17Edit

Level 18Edit

This level introduces Lifeguard and is the first level not taking place in the Fluffy Sea.

Level 19Edit

Level 20Edit

In this level all 13 crew members have to fight the Crocodile. This level introduces Unlucky Austin.

Character CollectionsEdit

Throughout the game there will be characters that the player can collect. There are 5 collections. Each include a few characters.

Pirates Twins Soldiers Oddballs Sneaky People Celebrities Lifeguards and Unlucky People
Captain Morris Jimbo Soldier Arman Blob Boy Ninja Jikumo Actor Tom Lifeguard
Right Hand Man Jumbo Soldier Cheryl Fethry Police Tucker Unlucky Austin


Throughout the game the player will get vehicles along with them.


The Yellow Jellies, Captain Morris and Right Hand Man were being chased by the Crocodile in Lamadilus. They rebought Captain Morris's and Right Hand Man Sr.'s old ship. They used their ship to get to the Fluffy Sea. In the ship they found Blob Boy. The crocodile lost them and the yellow jellies found Test Dummy Jellies. The yellow jellies attacked them and found more jellies throughout their adventure. At the end they found the crocodile at the beach where they attacked the crocodile. When the crocodile got weak he ran away. The yellow jellies had a party. Words in the rum bubbles later said: "To Be Continued..."


Bubble Gum: Bubble Gum can just be thrown and kill anything on contact.

Jelly Rolls: Jelly Rolls will roll around if it is thrown.


Water: Water will kill the player on contact.




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Test Dummy Incomplete This Test Dummy Jelly is incomplete. You can help the Test Dummy Jelly by finish knitting it.


  • Captain Morris: Haw haw, that crocy can't catch us!
  • Right Hand Man: Hay! T' pawn shop bet'n a ship!
  • Captain Morris: Vr' nace. W-what!

Birthmark Auction

  • Captain Morris: T' ol' ship I had whi' yer dad! Le's bet i'!
  • Right Hand Man: Kay, Morris!
  • Pawn shop owner: And once! Twice...
  • Right Hand Man: 8000 coins!
  • Pawn shop owner: And.. Sold, to a pirate!

Level 1Edit

  • Captain Morris: Yer right lads, were here.
  • Blob Boy: Not all of us are *Blob* pirates.
  • Right Hand Man: Listen t' Morris!
  • Captain Morris: Thank yer.
  • Captain Morris: We neednt' destroy the Test Dummies.

Level 2Edit

  • Captain Morris: Welcome lads.
  • Jimbo: Hi.
  • Jumbo: Hello.
  • Right Hand Man: Twins? And not-pirates. Yar not right.
  • Blob Boy: This makes me not the *Blob* only weird person here.
  • Jumbo: Where do we start?
  • Right Hand Man: I's guess yar missed the training.

Level 3Edit

  • Blob Boy: Yay, no new members. *Blob*
  • Jimbo: What?
  • Blob Boy: Nothing.
  • Captain Morris: Red peoples again?
  • Red Jellies: Surrender, we taste better than you.

Level 4Edit

  • Right Hand Man: Finally, lemons tast' better t' strawberries.
  • Right Hand Man: Why won't yer admit it?
  • Red Jellies: Maybe yar do, but whats about Blue Jellies!
  • Blue Jellies: Yer not good tasti'n. Blueberries yummier then lemons
  • Blue Boy: I'm impartial.

Level 5Edit

  • Captain Morris: Ha ha, we beat blue-berry.
  • Jimbo: What about these hole-ey versions of us.
  • Right Hand Man: Yer means sponges?
  • Blob Boy: I wonder *Blob* what they do.

Level 6Edit

  • Blob Boy: Noo! The water! Why?
  • Blob Boy: They are too *Blob* strong.
  • Blob Boy: We need more people.
  • Jumbo: No, don't do it.
  • Blob Boy: Too late, I'm hiring.

Level 7Edit

  • Arman: I'm here maggots! Fear me.
  • Right Hand Man: Welcome! Blob Boy here has hired you.
  • Blob Boy: Yes, these "Maggot" Sponges are *Blob* too powerful. We need your help.
  • Arman: I know I can beat those maggots.

Level 8Edit

  • Arman: Blob Boy is so weird. I must show him to my sister Cheryl.
  • Blob Boy: Your weird.
  • Cheryl: Hey guys! I am new and I am Arman's sister!
  • Captain Morris: Hello Cherry.
  • Cheryl: Cheryl.
  • Captain Morris: Yer know I'm gonna work on the ship.

Level 9Edit

  • Right Hand Man: Aye wonder why Captain likes cherries.
  • Blob Boy: Because *Blob* we are fighting them right now!
  • Arman: These cherries are so sneaky and fast.
  • Cheryl: Were gonna hire one, right?

Level 10Edit

  • Jikumo: Watawa! I am here.
  • Jikumo: Aah! Aquaman!
  • Right Hand Man: Aye wonder ware Jimbo and Jumbo are.
  • Right Hand Man: Welcome!
  • Captain Morris: Yai'm gons invite Cheryl out for dinner. You think she'll like me?
  • Blob Boy: No.

Level 11Edit

  • Right Hand Man: Without t' Morris we gones bad!
  • Blob Boy: Maybe we need to ask *Blob* ask the guy down there why.
  • Jikumo: These sprouts?
  • Green Jellies: What yer gon' do about us?
  • Fisherman Fethry: He he, whats ya going on?
  • Arman: Nothing maggot, you'd take a grenade?

Level 12Edit

  • Cheryl: Strawberries, Blueberries, Carrots and Sprouts! What else?
  • Captain Morris: Look who remembered.
  • Cheryl: Lime, our opposite!
  • Fisherman Fethry: I know these limes! They hate sour! Use my sour bomb.
  • Ninja Jikumo: Thank you mister fisherman.

Level 13Edit

  • Jimbo: This Jonas guy has been helping us alot.
  • Fisherman Fethry: I didn't want to leave you alone.
  • Blob Boy: Yay! Welcome.

Level 14Edit

  • Right Hand Man: I wonder whe everybody is hidin'.
  • Right Hand Man: Wow, thy' cloud look alots like aye jelly!
  • Right Hand Man: Kind of like me dad!
  • Right Hand Man: Who died...
  • Right Hand Man: Aah! It is my dads!
  • Right Hand Man Sr: Hello me son.
  • Right Hand Man: Aah! Help! Blob Boy! Arman! Jonas!
  • Right Hand Man Sr.: AyeI see what yer have done with me inheritence!
  • Right Hand Man Sr: Why would yer have done tha'?
  • Right Hand Man: Aye real wants to test out the droppin' cat game from Blueflake!
  • Right Hand Man Sr: Hmm, indeed Blueflake.

Level 15Edit

  • Actor Tom:La la la la!I love to sing!
  •  Blob Boy:We should hire him!
  • Captain Morris:Why?
  • Blob Boy:Because he be my best freind.
  • Captain Morris:Oh,then we be hiring him!

​Level 16Edit

  • Police Tucker:You're under arrest!
  • ​Captain Morris:If we hire you,will you not arrest us?
  • Police Tucker:Sure!



  • The game had a few Beta names: Bathgum Jelly and Bubblegum Sea.
  • Captain Morris is named after Captain John Morris.