Attack Walking
Abilities Dissapearing and Reappearing
Health 6 Blows
Points 500
Game(s) Quack

Shadows are enemies in Quack.


Shadows have a normal black body and have the ability to dissapear and reappear anywhere in the stage.

Game informationEdit

Shadows are first introduced in level 6 of Quack 1. Shadows will walk in a normal speed, they will not follow the player but they will reappear near Crackle when dissappearing. This makes the gameplay tricky, as the player may have to search a good place to get past the Shadow. Whenever Crackle touches a Shadow, Crackle will only lose one heart, as in most enemies in the game. Shadows take 6 bullet blows to be killed, rewarding the player with 500 points after killing one.


  • Shadows are probabbly based off the Ghosts from Graveyard Maniacs by Neutronized, as they both walk slow and can go underneath blocks. Also, notice they both are black coloured.
  • Shadows weren't added in Quack 2. Oddly, being the only enemy not included in the sequel.

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