Q2 Spawnah
A sheep spawner in Quack 2
Ability Spawning various enemies
Damage None
Health 5 Blows
Game Quack
Quack 2

Spawners are hazards in Quack 1 as well in Quack 2. Spawners are objects that spawn enemies slowly. Independently, all spawners can be destroyed with 5 blows, not depending on the enemy. There are spawners for each enemy in the games (except for Reders), but some aren't used. If the player touches one, they won't get hurt. This is odd, as most of the hazards in Quack Series hurt the player if contact.


Quack 1Edit

Spawners appear as big and with not many details.

Quack 2Edit

They appear smaller than in Quack 1, and with a larger colorr pallete and are more detailed.

Game InformationEdit

Each colour of Spawner indicates what enemy it spawns. Grey ones are for the Sheeps, orange ones are for Spheranges, purple ones are for Purblaes, light blue ones are for Bluranges, yellow ones are for Wormellows, green ones are for Wormants and blue ones are for Bloorries.

Spawners aren't hard to destroy, as Crackle can easily just stand in front on them and shoot them with 5 bullets. Some spawners may need to be destroyed faster than others, as some enemies cannot be killed causing them to remain walking around the level making it harder for Crackle to grab all the gummies.


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