Big Red
Big Red Phase 1 Form
Big Red in its 1st phase
Attack Spawning out:
Firing Defense Bullets
Abilities None
Health Each Enemy Spawner:
10 Hits
Big Red:
30 Hits
Points 10000
Game(s) Quack
Big Red is the first and only boss fight in Quack, appearing in level 20, which is the last level of the game.


Big Red is a Square Robot that is attached to the ground. He has 4 enemy spawners, as well 4 Defense Bullet Shooters.

Game InformationEdit

Phase 1Edit

In its phase 1 Big Red has 4 spawners and 4 Defense Bullet shooters. The player must first start shooting one spawner. Avoiding the enemies that are being spawned. The Player cannot blow Big Red due to the spikes. When the player destroys all the spawners, Big Red turns in its last phase.

Big Red Phase 1 Form

In Phase 1

Phase 2Edit

In this phase, Big Red is very weak. The spikes have now gone and the player can shoot anywhere in big red to kill it. Avoiding the enemies and the bullets. Once the player hits Big Red 30 times in this phase, Big Red is destroyed and the player completes the game to now view the ending.

Big Red Final Phase Form

In the last phase


  • Big Red might be based in the Austrian flag.
  • Big Red's name is from the Big Red Bubblegum.

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