Greetings Blueflake members! I have been absent from this wiki for quite a while now, although I did check up on it every once and a while. I'm glad to see that you guys are still working on games and sprites - I love seeing the new ideas as well!

Anyway, my hiatus was mainly because I felt Visual Basic wasn't an adequate medium for making games, and well, I wasn't exactly educated enough myself about programming. However, while I was gone I learned three new programming languages: C++, Java, and Android, the last one I learned fairly recently. I am currently learning about graphics in Java, and I think it could work very well for Blueflake games! (As you may know, many popular games were written in Java.)

I am still learning however, so it will take some time before I actually will be able to release a beta version of any game in Java. Hopefully I will be able to begin work soon on a game. However, if I were to code a game, which should I choose? Should I re-code Cat Dropped or maybe try one of the newer games? Either way, thanks for reading!