I think it'll be easier if I try to be short in this one. As some may know, I've been thinking about renaming our (company wannabe?) to something we all (or at least those who are still around) agree with. A couple of days ago I began searching for an original, yet easy to pronounce name to rename Blueflake, and I came up with this strange name that I somewhat liked. What I have in mind is...


The name came from me looking up on a periodic table for some inspiration, when I suddenly came across this element called "Copper" and I took its first three letters to attach to something else. Then I just thought of this fictional company named "ACME" and took the "me" from its name.

I'm not sure about that name yet though, but if you think it's pretty much fitting we could consider using it. If you don't think so though, it's fine as well - any feedback, suggestions and comments are welcome.

I even did some (terrible) concept art for a brand new mascot and logo, which hopefully might turn into something better. It's really difficult to adapt to Photoshop if you've always used MS Paint. :P

So, what do you think about this all? Feel free to give any comments below!

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