In Quack 2.
Attack Following the player
Eating the player
Abilities Tricking the player
Health Cannot be killed
Points None
Game(s) Quack, Quack 2

Wormants are enemies in Quack.


Wormants have a green normal body size. They have pincers as the mouth and they walk a bit slowly.

Game informationEdit

Wormants are first introduced in level *. When a level with a wormant starts the wormants will start moving slowly through all the level. This is just to trick the player. A bit while the wormants will start to follow the player with none warnings at all (always moving slowly, to confuse the player). When a wormant is near the player, the wormant will walk untill it touches Crackle. Whenever a wormant touches Crackle, it will eat it and it will force the player restarts the level.


  • Their name is based in the mix of the two words: Worm + Ants.
  • Bloorries are quite similar to Wormants.

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