In Quack 2
Attack Following the player fast
Dangerous to touch
Abilities Escaping the bullets
Health 20 Blows
Points 1100
Game(s) Quack, Quack 2

Wormellows are enemies in Quack.


Wormellows are rectangular lime-ish worms. They have one single white eye.

Game informationEdit

Wormellows are first introduced in level *.Wormellows will run faster than the Bloorries, following the player if being too near, the difference between the Bloorries and the Wormellows is that when Crackle is near a Wormellow, this Wormellow won't slow down its speed like Bloorries did, they will continue running in their fast speed. Whenever a Wormellow touches Crackle, Crackle will loose one heart. To kill a Wormellow, Crackle has to shoot them 20 bullets. This is in fact a bit tricky because Wormellows will actually run away from Crackle. If a wormellow is killed the player will recieve 1100 bonus points


  • Their attack is an evolution that started from Wormants. Wormants were weaker and slower, then, Bloorries appeared and they were stronger and faster than Wormants. After Bloorries the Wormellows appeared.

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