Yellow Jellies
New Jelly
Gender Male and Female
Species Jellies
Faction Good
Health 50
Level All
Status Alive
Game(s) Seagum Jelly, Lamadilus (Ending)

The Yellow Jellies are the main characters of Seagum Jelly.


The Yellow Jellies are Yellow squares and are smooth. Different Jellies have different appearences.


The Yellow Jellies, Captain Morris and Right Hand Man were being chased by the Crocodile in Lamadilus. They used their ship to get to the Fluffy Sea. In the ship they found Blob Boy. The crocodile lost them and the yellow jellies found Test Dummy Jellies. The yellow jellies attacked them and found more jellies throughout their adventure. At the end they found the crocodile at the beach where they attacked the crocodile. When the crocodile got weak he ran away. The yellow jellies had a party. Words in the rum bubbles later said: "To Be Continued..."


Test Dummy Incomplete This Test Dummy Jelly is incomplete. You can help the Test Dummy Jelly by finish knitting it.

There are 13 characters in total. All of them are in a character collection throughout the game.

Captain Morris (Pirates)Edit

The captain is the boss, he can throw all kinds of weapons and they are 0.10% stronger then others. He has 75 health. He appears in all of the levels exept level 9, 11 and 14.

Right Hand Man (Pirates)Edit

Right Hand Man is the person second in charge of the crew. He has 60 health. His weapons are 0.05% stronger then others. He always comes in levels next to the captain. He appears in all levels.

Blob Boy (Oddballs)Edit

Blob Boy is the crew member that can survive going under water. Blob boy has 45 health. Despite having 45 health his weapons are 0.05% stronger in water. He appears in all levels exept for 14 and 17.

Jimbo and Jumbo (Twins)Edit

Jimbo and Jumbo are the twins of the crew. Both have 50 health. They start appearing in the 2nd level together with Captain Morris, Right Hand Man and Blob Boy. They always appear in levels with eachother, and they are next to eachother. They appear in all levels exept for 1, 10, 12 and 14.

General Arman (Soldiers)Edit

General Arman is the 6th member of the crew, he is a soldier. He has 70 health and his weapons are 0.10% stronger. He is the second strongest member of the crew. He starts appearing in level 7. He doesn't appear in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 12, 14 and 18. He carries an AK47 on his back.

Soldier Cheryl (Soldiers)Edit

Soldier Cheryl is the 7th member of the crew and as mentioned the sister of Arman. She is a soldier. She has 50 health and her weapons have the normal strengh. She starts at level 8. After the previous levels she doesn't appear in level 11, 14 and 16.

Ninja Jikumo (Sneaky People)Edit

Ninja Jikumo is the 8th member of the crew. He is a ninja. He has 60 health and his weapons have the normal strengh. He comes in level 10. After the levels before level 10 he doesn't appear in level 14 and 17. He has a black belt.

Fisherman Fethry (Oddballs)Edit

Fisherman Fethry is the 9th member of the crew. He is a fisherman. He has 50 health and his weapons have the normal strengh. He is a playable character in the level 13. He starts playing as an NPC in level 11 and 12. After the levels 13 he doesn't appear in 14. He normally comes with his boat. In the levels he gets along with Blob Boy and Ninja Jikumo.

Actor Tom (Celebrities)Edit

Actor Tom is the 10th member of the crew. He is an actor. He has 50 health and his weapons are 0.30% stronger. He starts at level 15. After that he appears in every level. In the levels he mentions that he is a good actor. After that he states that he is on the Z-List and only appeared in 1 episode. He gets along with everybody.

Police Tucker (Sneaky People)Edit

Police Tucker is the 11th member of the crew. He is a police. He has 60 health and his weapons are 0.60% stronger. He starts at level 16. After that he appears in every level. He normally acts sneaky.

Lifeguard (Lifeguards and Unlucky People)Edit

Lifeguard is the 12th member of the crew. He is a lifeguard. He has 50 health and his weapons are as strong as other jellies weapons. He starts at level 18 at the beach where the Crocodile is. He comes with a lifeguard chair.

Unlucky Austin (Lifeguards and Unlucky People)Edit

Unlucky Austin is the 13th and last member of the crew. He has 40 health and his weapons are 0.10% weaker. He only appears in level 20. He carries bandages and an arrow through his head.


Seagum Jelly Evolutionew


The yellow jellies were redesigned 4 times. They were originally sponges and more yellow. They were given more shades throughout the process of making the game.


  • Jimbo and Jumbo's beard have changed 3 times.
  • Captain Morris is named after Captain John Morris.

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